Ertl and CaseIH Celebrate 60 Years of Toys
By Jason Hasert

Ertl is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2005. The Etrtl is the best known name in farm toys. It all started in 1945 when Fred Ertl Sr. And his family first made a sand cast toy tractor. Over the years the toys built a company known for quality farm toys. One of the first tractor manufactures to sign on with Ertl to make replica toy tractors was International Harvester.

Since the first toy tractor was assembled in the Ertl family home, the name Ertl has been synonymous with the best in die cast agricultural and heavy equipment. Ertl and CaseIH are celebrating 60 Years of red toys from Ertl with a 1/64 boxed set. The boxed set is now available at CaseIH dealers. The set includes famous CaseIH tractors from the 1940's, 1950's 1960's, 1970's, 1980's, 1990's and 2000's.

The seven piece set includes IH and CaseIH tractors that have made the brand famous. We will look at each model and how its history.


The Farmall M: The M was introduced in August 1939. It was rated at 34 hp. The M is the best known IH tractor of all time. It was produced from 1931-1951 with 279,821 units sold. The M was the number one selling tractor in 1945 when Fred Ertl Senior began making toy tractors in his basement.

The Farmall 560: Built from 1958-1963, the Farmall 560 tractors were one of the most popular tractors of the period . It was a 5 plow tractor with 60 hp. It was the first major change in power and style from IH since the Farmall M was introduced in 1939. The 560 was a popular toy model offered from Ertl’s Dyersville Toy Factory in the late 1950's.

The Farmall 806: For big six plow power, the Farmall 806 was introduced in 1963. It was IH’s biggest row crop tractor to date. The big tractor offered new power at 94 hp. This model was one of the first IH’s to be sold with duals as a plowing option to put the power to the ground. Production ran through 1967. Ertl has added duals to the narrow front 1/64 806 for this set. A wide front Hinker cab and narrow front 806 have been offered by Ertl in the past few years.

The International 3588: The 3588 was the most revolutionary tractors since the introduction of the Farmall in 1924. Introduced in 1979 the 150 hp 3588 was part of the 2+2 series from IH. The revolutionary design is intended to combine two wheel drive mobility with four wheel drive traction. Special emphasis was placed on the control center. The cab was placed on the rear of the tractor so the driver had the ease of 2wd visibility of the hitch. The front forward engine added weight for improved traction and the articulating nose added tight turning for row crop work. The 3588 was replaced in 1982 by the 6588. The 3588 was Ertl’s first 1/64 articulating toy. The all newly tooled 3588 from Ertl is a stand out piece in the 60 Years set. As you can see in the pictures it has improved features over the original 3588 from Ertl. Rear duals were added to this replica. IH only recommenced rear duals because with front duals the tires would rub together on turns. Ertl originally showed this model with cab glass and a 3pt hitch on Toy Tractor in the Farm Toy Report. Ertl decided that because the other models in the set did not have this detail the windowed cab and 3pt would be reserved for a future model. Maybe a 3788???

The Case International 2594: In 1985 the 2594 was the first tractor to bear the Case International name. On November 26, 1984 two great names in farming became one when Tenneco purchased the International Harvester Agricultural Division and merged it with its own J.I. Case tractor line. The 180 hp 2594 was introduced to CaseIH dealers in Las Vegas, Nevada as the first Case International. The CaseIH 2594 was offered from 1985-1987. The 2594 was also the first Case International made by Ertl. The 1980's were a time of transition as major brands merged and Ertl tooled new toys to match the new names.

The Case International 7140: The 195 hp 7140 was the truly CaseIH tractor. Introduced to CaseIH dealers in September 1987 the 7140 was part of the new Magnum series. The Magnums married the IH STS transmission from the 5088 series and new Farmall cab (retagged with a Case name "Silent Guardian II") with the new Case frame set to replace the 94 series. The right cab mounted muffler was revolutionary as it gave the driver a clear view of the field. The Magnum’s side muffler set a new industry standard. The 7140 offered 15 more horse power than the 2594 and out sold other brands. It was offered from 1987-1991 when it was replaced by the 7240. Ertl introduced a 1/64 7140 in the fall of 1987. The Magnum toy has been a popular model. For the 60 Years set the poplar larger Magnum casting was used with improved beefier tires.

The CaseIH MX285: In the fall of 2002 CaseIH introduced the NeXt generation of Magnums. Customer input and advanced technology have resulted in industry leading features on a tractor line with a strong heritage of quality and reliability dating back to 1987. CaseIH is keeping the Magnum line ahead of the competition with a new suspended front axle, a high-capacity hydraulic system and a cushion hitch to take the bounce out of field work. Farmers are always looking for more power to pull larger implements to cover more acres and the new 240 hp MX 285 Magnum fills that order. Many farmers looking for optimum power have found the MX 285 to be the machine for maximum productivity. Its 240 PTO hp. engine is extremely efficient, owing to the standard electronic fuel management system. Impressive hydraulic flow and lifting power means the MX285 is an ideal tractor for the heaviest implements. The MX285 was the 100,000'th Magnum produced since the series introduction in 1987. The red heritage and power rolls on as the MX285 will be replaced by the MX1305 Magnum in the fall of 2005.

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