Red Decals Are Back
By Jim Simpson

Decals make a tractor. They are the finishing touch to a custom or restoration project.  Decals add to the new paint and separate horse power levels on tractors.  Often it is simple as adding a new model number to an existing casting.  The decal makes all the difference in style and power.

The topic of the lack of IH, Steiger, Case and CaseIH decals became prevalent on's Toy Talk in the past year.  The Toy Talk board has become a favorite with collectors, toy dealers and toy makers.  If you want to know the popular trends in farm toys you need to look no further than

Kate Bossen and her staff check in on Toy Talk from time to time.  Kate Bossen is the owner of Bossen Implement one of the largest and most popular farm toy dealers in North America.  Bossen Implement not only sells toys but also deals in custom parts and decal kits.  They read the posts about the lack of availability of red brand decals and decided to approach Case about a license.

The good news is that Case made an agreement with Bossen Implements and has allowed them to begin printing red decals.  Bossen Implement now offers seven pages of CaseIH and heritage brand decals at . You can look up the decals you want and place your order right on-line.  They offer 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 decals for CaseIH, International, Case and Steiger.  Bossen Implement is also a distributor for Mark Wikner's decals and offers is full array of AGCO brands, John Deere, New Holland and short lines.

Below is a small sample of the International decals you will find at  With Bossen Implements decals you can get your red projects big and small back on track. 


International 3788 decals

International 3388 decals

Left: IH 3588 by Ertl Right:  Custom 2+2 finished with IH 3788 decals

1/16 IH Tri-Stripe 86 Series Decals $3.00

Sand Box Specials like this 886 are perfect candidates for a new coat of paint and custom decals

1/64 IH 4786 decals 

Custom IH 4wd completed by 4786 decals


IH 1480 Axial-Flow Combine Decal

CaseIH 1666 repainted into IH Colors and finished with IH decals


CaseIH Combine 2188/2388 Decal

CaseIH Combine Decals Are Handy For Finishing A Custom Combine

1/64 International 1586 decals offer a great way to dress up a common Ertl 1086 casting



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