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New International Pedal Tractors 
by Michael Henry

International 826 Golden Demo 826 by Scale Models

Scale Models has been busy offering new IH pedal tractors from the 1960s and now 1970s.  These are the pedals IH fans have been asking for.

The Farmall M is the best known International tractor and the M and other versions such as the Super M, 400 and 450 have been popular selections for pedals in past years for re-introduction to the pedal market.  These are all great models but IH collectors have been requesting some of the modern greats from the 60s and 70s for a number of years.  Scale Models has heard collectors and introduced a new line of IH pedals over the past year. 

Collectors were quite pleased when the pedal Farmall 806 tractor was announced in early 2003.  It was one of our first stories in the new in 2003.  The 806 was the first new tooling of the pedal tractor since the 1960's.   Scale Models did a good job in developing the model by adding a realistic muffler on the hood and a shifter under the steering wheel.  International Harvester's Farmall 806 is popular with IH pedal collectors because it was the company's first big modern tractor.  Billed as "The world's most powerful tricycle tractor" the 806 brought new life to IH tractor sales in 1963.  The new generation John Deere 4010 introduced in 1960 had become a farmer favorite. The 90 hp 806 put IH in the power lead. IH made over 50,000 806 tractors from 1963 to 1967.  Today many 806 tractors are still working hard on farms many with over 15,000 hours with out an over haul.   



Farmall 806 Pedal Flyer from Scale Models

Fall Farm Show 2003 IH 706

Scale Models gave IH fans a tough choice in the fall of 2003.  Just after the 806 announcement the pedal 706 was released for the 2003 Farm Progress Show.  The Farm Progress Show chose the Farmall 706 pedal as part of their 50th Anniversary celebration. 

Farm Progress started in 1953 and is the premier fall show for tractor manufactures to show off new models.  In honor of the 50th show tractors from each decade were chosen to mark the event.  Scale Models produced models for all five decades.  These models included a 1/8 scale 1953 John Deere 70, pedal 1963 Farmall 706, 1/16 1973 Oliver 2255, 1/32 1983 Steiger CP-1400, 1/64 1993 AGCO-Allis 9650 and 1/16 and 1/64 Challenger MT765.  

Scale Models made the Farm Progress 706 extra special by adding a wide front end.  This was the first wide front IH pedal ever.  This is the tough choice for collectors not able to buy both the 806 and 706.  Do you buy the big 806 as the first new IH pedal in years and for its history or go with the nice looking 706 with the front and its historical part in the 50 years of Farm Progress?

That is a tough choice.  The decision has a new wrinkle this summer with the IH 826 Golden Demo Farmall.  This is a model I have hoped to see for a long time.  It has never been produced as a pedal and was only available as a custom re-paint.  IH used special golden painted tractors in its 1970 Golden Demo program to draw attention to the tractor line.  Hydrostatic-drive tractors were especially favored for Golden Demos.  Scale Models 826 has a nice golden paint job and again uses the new wide front end. 

I hope that the 806, 706 and 826 are the start of things to come.  A new Farmall 1206, IH first 100 hp tractor would be a great choice for the fourth new pedal.  



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