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Indiana Spring Planting 2012
  Indiana Spring Planting 2012 Well it’s my favorite time of year -- Indiana planting season. This ye ...
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Ertl 2012 Fall Farm Show Editions
Ertl 2012 Fall Farm Show Editions  1/32 John Deere 9510R (Silver Chaser) 1/64 John Deere S680 with 12 row c ...
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Nittany Antique Machinery Show (Spring)
Well, it is that time of year again for the annual Nittany Antique Machinery Show.  This show is held twice a year and always fal ...
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1/64 Knudson Tractors
Jerome Knudson of Crosby, North Dakota, built his first 4WD tractor in the summer of 1967. Soon, other farmers asked him to build 4WD ...
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2012 Summer Farm Toy Show Ertl Open House
Ertl held its annual open house during the Summer Farm Toy Show in Dyersville, IA on June 1 and 2.  There were several new 1/16, ...
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Custom 2wd John Deere 4560
  Custom John Deere 4560 2wd   ...
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Restoring A Tonka Bull Dozer
   In this article I am going to restore a tonka bull dozer that will be displayed with the Structo dump truck I restored in ...
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Pulling On The Model Farm
It is either a love or a hate relationship. Mine is definitely a love relationship. It is hard to beat a cr ...
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John Deere 2012 Green Christmas From Ertl
John Deere 2012 Green Christmas from Ertl Read or download the full 6 page pdf at ...
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Scratch Built Steiger Panther KP-1400
Steiger Panther KP-1400           &nb ...
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1/64 White Tractors
              Shortly before Scale Models (JLE) stopped producing White tractors they sw ...
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In Detail: Part 3 Of Building A Chevy Silverado 2500HD Crewcab
  Back once again with part three of the 2006 Chevy 2500HD Silverado build-along. In case you m ...
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Big Bud 525/50 Set
1/64 Big Big Bud 525/50     Stock # 40007   -   Big Bu...
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This month in Toy Talk
Mosier Farms Wheat Harvest Part 1 in REAL Toy Talk
Posted 2 years ago
Yikes 20 bu! I would be glad too to get more, around here we average 60 bu but with spring wheat no one plants winter wheat in this area and yea I had no idea what d...
Question for Tractorfab in 1/64 Scale Talk
Posted 2 years ago
If they came out with something to dress them up i wouldd buy it. Those rakes are still very used in my area. Itd be cool just to have one to display...
Massey Ferguson made in the USA in REAL Toy Talk
Posted 2 years ago
They  still have formable competition in the area with Tri Green,Koenigs and Greentown in that area.Racine & Waterloo have been at it decades longer to.The ...
update dry cow barn #3 in Customs & Display Journals
Posted 2 years ago
Put the gutters at the end of the barn closest to the pit, narrow end I mean...
Oak Hill Journal #13: The Finale in Customs & Display Journals
Posted 2 years ago
Always loved this display.  I'm not on as much as i was because of time constraints (14-17 hour work days LOL).  This is one I always looked forward to...
Wild for Wisheks! Prototyping to finished project in Customs & Display Journals
Posted 2 years ago
Finished the first one up. I am glad I am keeping the first one, probably the best piece of tillage equip ive put out.   [IMG]http://i15.phot...
The work bench in Customs & Display Journals
Posted 2 years ago
thanks, I love your work as well AC  i got a soft spot for your choppers:)...
Remember When Week 13:Sperry New Holland in REAL Toy Talk
Posted 2 years ago
I have a brochure that has the fourth picture in it, in dutch.  One of my most favorite brochures - I stared a lot at it when I was younger....
New Holland Hay Equipment Going Yellow???? in REAL Toy Talk
Posted 2 years ago
Their combines have been  yellow since it least 1975 and their sp choppers since the introduction of the 325hp 2100 in 1979...
Trucks customs in Customizing Tips and Help
Posted 2 years ago
Thanks alot Jared...